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EPD says officer hit with own stun gun during struggle with suspect

Evansville Police say a man is arrested over the weekend on multiple charges, including battery on an officer.

Police say it happened Saturday morning around 8:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Woodland Park Apartments at 2850 Lodge Avenue.

EPD says officers spotted a SUV parked illegally that was blocking in other vehicles.

The officers were just about to run the plates on the SUV when it began backing up towards their patrol car.

EPD says the officers approached the vehicle and could see the driver through the partially open driver's side window.

EPD says the officers ordered the driver, later identified as Deonte Hester, to put the vehicle in park. Police say Hester continued to maneuver the SUV around in the parking area, getting close to other parked vehicles.

Authorities say the officers could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the SUV as Hester continued to operate the vehicle. The officers again ordered Hester to stop the vehicle.

"Why," responded Hester, as he finally placed the vehicle in park.

EPD says the officers asked for Hester's ID.  Police say Hester again responded by asking "Why?"

Officers say Hester rolled up the window all the way and began to reach around the driver's area of the vehicle, his hands out of view.  EPD says the officers then drew their handguns and ordered Hester out of the vehicle.

EPD says Hester again replied, "Why?" before making a call on his cell phone. Officers say they continued to give commands to Hester, but they say he refused to follow them. Police say eventually Hester rolled down his window enough to place his ID card on the roof the SUV and he immediately rolled it back up.

EPD says the officers attempted get into the SUV, but they say Hester had all the doors locked.

Authorities say at this point the officers at the scene realized that Hester had alerted his family to the situation while on his cell phone. EPD says several of Hester's family members showed up at the scene and became "a disorderly crowd" around the officers.

Officials say while the on scene officers were dealing with the crowd Hester got out of the SUV. Police say the officers ordered him to put his hands on the vehicle.  EPD says Hester was looking around and yelling for his family.

EPD says at that point Hester attempted to flee the scene with officers in close pursuit.

Police say one officer attempted to use his taser to stop Hester, but the taser malfunctioned and did not deploy.

EPD says Hester eventually fell to the ground in front of an officer and was tackled while trying to get back up. Police say Hester struggled with the officer on the ground.  During the struggle, EPD says the officer tried to stun Hester with his taser again, but Hester grabbed the officer's taser causing it to activate and strike the officer.

EPD says while attempting to handcuff Hester he reached into his pants and attempted to throw a plastic bag away, but was stopped by officers.

Authorities say Hester's family then began to surround the officers, but at the point additional officers arrived and began to move back the "unruly crowd."

Police say Hester was finally handcuffed and police say a bag of cocaine salts was found on him. Officers say during a search of the area, a bag of marijuana was also found. 

EPD says Hester was arrested on multiple charges and taken to the Vanderburgh County Corrections Center.

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