Homes are still being set on fire in Ohio Co.

There have been two more arsons since the Kentucky State Arson Task Force offered a $1,000 reward.

The Ohio County Sheriff's Office and the Kentucky State Fire Marshall's office are investigating 11 suspected arsons in Ohio County since the end of 2012.

The sheriff's office says six of the fires were set in December in Southern Ohio County.

Recently, authorities have seen more fires in Central Ohio County.

Thursday morning, somebody set fire to a house on Sunny Dale Road and a large farm storage building on 69 north.

The Ohio County Sheriff's Department says they are looking into several leads, but need more tips from the public.

"If they see a car, a pick up truck, or anything that is acting a little strangely, take the time if they can without making the person mad or anything, get description of the vehicle," says Det. John Castello.

The suspected arsons have been mostly empty homes in very rural parts of the county and if you have any information you can contact the Ohio County Sheriff's Department.

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