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New bill may move all riverboat casinos on land

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A bill is being debated at the Indiana Statehouse could allow riverboat casinos to move onto land.

General Manager for Casino Aztar, Ward Shaw says moving the casino on land could be a possibility in the future if this bill passes in the future.

But he says officials in the casino industry aren't completely happy with the bill in it's current form.

Shaw says the way the bill is written right now, would mean more taxes on casinos and less money given to local municipalities.

Shaw tells 14News he's hoping the legislature will work on a form of the bill that will allow not only a way for casinos to move onto land, but also more competition with casinos in the surrounding areas.

"The ceilings actually could be much higher, the air quality would be much better," says Shaw. "Patrons wouldn't have to go down long boarding ramps to get to the casino. So, it's certainly a customer benefit and less expensive to maintain as a building versus a floating boat, but again, some of the trade-offs in the bill in its current form really make it difficult for us to support it as an industry."

Shaw also says there's no time frame for when or if Casino Aztar would move to land and no set location.

He tells us he just hopes the bill can be written in a way that allows all casinos to compete fairly.

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