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Local tri-state school picks their Pope

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Students at Vincennes Rivet have already elected their new pope.

A lesson on the conclave involved a lot of note-taking, but once that was finished, it was time for something a little more hands on.

To help his students understand the complicated process and the historic significance of what's about to begin in Rome, Mr. Duggins organized his own mock conclave.

"So I was the Pope and a few of the classes some of the students decided how I died," says Mr. Duggins. "Some suggested I fell off the balcony while giving a speech or something."

Students are being graded on how well they operate the conclave and that's where things get a little more serious.

Similar to the real thing, those young cardinals offer a prayer at a makeshift altar before casting their votes. 

Then they check and double check the results.

"We're kind of learning with the actual cardinals which I think is cool," says Grace Waggoner.

"I think that getting involved really helps up learn about it and experience what the cardinals are actually going through and it really helps up understand how big of a deal this actually is," says Colten Mouzin.

Mouzin's name came up a lot as the votes were tallied, but in the end he wound up just short of two-thirds majority needed.

Which means this conclave isn't over yet.

Mouzin was the frontrunner, but when the class voted again he had lost.

The winner was Milo Johnson and Mr. Duggins is doing this with all of his classes from 6th grade through 12th.

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