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Hopefully undocumented students won't have to pay out-of-state tuition soon

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An Indiana Senate bill that would allow some undocumented students to finish college has passed its first reading in the house.

That bill would apply to undocumented college students who enrolled in a state school on OR before July 1, 2011.

USI's Director of the Center for Applied Outreach, Daniela Vidal tells 14News the 2011 Indiana Law Requiring undocumented students who live in Indiana pay out-of-state tuition made some students drop out of college for financial reasons.

This bill would mean students who live in Indiana and started college before that cut-off date in 2011 could finish their degrees paying in-state tuition.

Vidal says that students often don't even know they're undocumented until they fill out a college application.

"It's heartbreaking to see this wonderful, this amazing talent that could be wasted if we don't really allow them to have access to their dreams," says Vidal. "Still a challenge for those that are trying to get into college right now. It does not solve the problem for them, but at least for those who started and had to leave halfway, they're now able to continue and finish."

If you'd like to learn more about how this bill could impact students and hear some of their stories, you can visit the Indiana Dreams website.

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