Trip to Vin-City! (I made that name up...)

Hey there!  I'm just back from Vincennes, wrapping up for the day.  It's 3:48pm, which would normally be a very late out time after working Sunrise.  Today, though, it's not so bad because I pulled a split shift.  Came in at 2:30 this morning to help write some of the stories in the show (our Executive Producer is out of town, so we're a person down), then left after the show and headed to a 7:30 yoga class.  I went home for a little bit then came back around 10:40 to get ready for my trip to Vin-city!!

I went there for a fun story that ties in to the upcoming papal conclave.  The theology teacher at Vincennes Rivet decided to get away from the textbook and give his students in grades 6-12 some hands-on experience.  For the past week-plus, they've been learning about how the conclave works.  Today, they held their own mock conclave during class.  Each student went up to a table representing an altar, recited a prayer (written lovingly, I'm sure, on a piece of notebook paper) and cast his or her vote.  They even had students selected to tabulate and double check the votes (like they do at the real thing).

While I was there, they were one vote short of the necessary 2/3 majority to elect the next "pope" of the 6th grade!  Ha!  He's the gent on the far right in the picture below.  Anyway, they're going to try again tomorrow to nail things down! :)

This story will probably air Monday if you'd like to hear from some of the kids!!  (They were very well-behaved while I was there!)

By the way, on a side note, check out this OLD SCHOOL water fountain in the school!  Pretty cool!  I tried it out, but it didn't work.  I guess they are keeping it around for character, which I'm totally ok with!  Ha!

Finally, let me go ahead and embarrass myself.  With this picture as proof, I'm very guilty of frequently wearing athletic socks with my dress clothes.  This was what it looked like as I was sitting at the news desk in the studio this morning.  Ahhh, I've totally got it all together.  Riiiight.

Alright, I'm out of here!  About to go try out a new restaurant (well, not new, just new to me) with Araceli and Nicole tonight, and I am so ready!  Hungry!!!!!  I'll likely have a review tomorrow! :)

Until next time,