USI looking to expand campus with visitor's center

Several new construction projects are underway at the University of Southern Indiana.

Construction is moving along on USI's new $17-million teaching theatre on campus.

Crews have been out all day working and the University says the foundation and footing are about two-thirds complete.

At Thursday's meeting, officials also discussed some projects that are now in the design phase which include:

  • $5.5-million conference center
  • $2-million visitor's center

Both are to be funded by private gift money.

Vice President for the Administration and Finance, Mark Rozewski says a visitor's center would be an important tool in welcoming prospective students to campus for first visits and registration.

"Students now come from all over Indiana and really all over three or four adjoining states with their parents to visit USI and evaluate it as one of their college choices, and we want to give them a good experience.  We feel that we owe them that and a visitor's center would let us do that," says Rozewski.

University officials say they're still deciding on a location for that visitor's center.

They say it will most likely be somewhere near the center of campus.

The teaching theatre is scheduled to open Spring/Early Summer in 2014.

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