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Mt. Vernon in hopes to get a property maintenance code

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Mt. Vernon is looking to pass a new code that should help the city deal with property which hasn't been maintained.

Many of downtown Mt. Vernon business owners keep their property maintained, but if you stop and take a look at some of the buildings, you'll see that the paint is peeling and there's actually dry wall part of the ceiling.

Mt. Vernon's Mayor tells 14News that they've been dealing with residential houses in poor condition but the new property maintenance code will give the city 'more teeth' when it comes to rundown commercial properties.

"We've got some properties in the downtown area that are dilapidated and need to be addressed," admits Mayor John Tucker. "We would certainly like for the property owner to do that. In a perfect world, they would do that but obviously we don't live in a perfect world."

For 15 months, Trent van Haaften has been working out of a downtown office and there's one thing that really gets under his skin.

"The buildings directly to the north of us are a disgrace," says van Haaften

Nearby buildings have become severely rundown.

Besides peeling paint, carpets are ripped up, and shards of glass are all apart of everyday life.

"I routinely sweep the glass of the sidewalk," says van Haaften.

But hopefully, not for long.

Mt. Vernon's City Council has taken notice and is close to passing a new property maintenance code so they can get these properties cleaned up.

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