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Jury reaches verdict in Banis murder trial

Joseph Banis (Source: LMDC) Joseph Banis (Source: LMDC)
Murder victim Jamie Carroll (Source: LMDC) Murder victim Jamie Carroll (Source: LMDC)
Jeffrey Mundt (Source: LMDC) Jeffrey Mundt (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Jurors have found Joseph Banis guilty of the murder of Jamie Carroll. He was also found guilty of robbery, forgery, tampering with physical evidence, criminal possession of a forged instrument and possession of meth.

Carroll's body was found in June 2010 buried in a plastic container in the basement of the Old  Louisville home Banis shared with his then-boyfriend, co-defendant Jeffrey Mundt. Prosecutors say Carroll was shot and stabbed to death in December 2009.

Mundt spent nearly two days on the stand telling jurors it was Banis who killed Carroll. During closing arguments on Thursday, defense attorney Darren Wolff called Mundt's credibility into question while showing jurors a picture of Mundt crying during his initial interview with police.

In a surprise move on Wednesday, Banis' defense rested without calling Banis to the stand. Defense attorney Justin Brown had told jurors during opening statements on February 26 that Banis definitely would testify.

Over the course of a week, jurors heard testimony that was often salacious and sexually explicit. It centered on the nature of Banis and Mundt's relationship and their relationship with Jamie Carroll.

Mundt's trial is scheduled for this summer. Because he agreed to testify against Banis, the death penalty will not be sought in his case.

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