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Owensboro residents react to Clinton's visit

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The excitement wasn't just inside the Riverpark Center Wednesday night when former President Bill Clinton was in Owensboro.

Some people who didn't have a ticket for Wednesday's event, stood outside the Riverpark Center for hours in the cold trying to catch a glimpse of President Clinton as he was leaving.

"I thought he was a good president even though he had some shaky past, but he was a good president because he turned the economy around. I don't think we have been the same since," Owensboro resident, Andrew Lee said.

People leaving the Riverpark Center said they loved President Clinton's speech and enjoyed his charisma.

"You could tell from all the people that were here it was so quiet. Everybody wanted to hear every word he said," said Ruth Ann Hughes, of Owensboro.

"What a wonderful occasion to give promise to young people through the Ford Center and for President Clinton to be here it was just awesome," said Sheila Miller, of Owensboro.

This is the third time President Bill Clinton has been in Owensboro.

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