Just another day in paradise!

Just another glamorous day on the job!  Heading out here in a few minutes to detox (figuratively, not literally—no illegal substances being consumed at the station!!) and get some rest before coming back to co-anchor Sunrise tomorrow!

If it tells you anything about how the day went, I felt entitled to a Venti Chai Tea from Starbucks when it was all over.  (Really, just when all the shooting was over.  There was still writing and editing to be done!)  That drink was like liquid gold!!  Yummm!

Now, don't let me make you think today was a disaster.  Everything turned out just fine, though not exactly, shall we say super duper enjoyable at times. :)  I started off at the Civic Center, nice and warm indoors in the County Auditor's office getting a lesson on government budgets.  To his credit, Joe Gries did a very good job explaining so even this extremely financially-challenged reporter could understand!

After the Civic Center, that's when things got interesting.  Or, just cold.

I did a follow-up story today about the accident and shooting that happened on New York Avenue yesterday.  (Pretty crazy.) That follow up involved knocking on several doors in the neighborhood and trying to find someone who saw what happened.

The first house, no one answered.  I saw a couple of guys in a truck pulling in at a house.  They didn't see anything and didn't want to do an interview.  The next house, no one answered.  The following, I believe, was the same thing (they are starting to run together).  Next, a guy did answer but wasn't home when it happened.  Saw a couple of guys on the street who also weren't really home or didn't see anything (again, can't remember).  Another house the guy wasn't interested in talking.  So, you can see how that was working out!!!

I ended up leaving the neighborhood and trying a few businesses near where the suspect was first apprehended.  Turns out I was in the wrong area first, so no wonder they didn't see it.  Then, finally, the owner of a beauty shop agreed!  She watched out her window yesterday as police detained the suspect.  Thank you, Teresa, for doing the interview.  And for letting me be inside for a while!! :) (How's this for my luck, though.  I had a hat on all day and never even brushed my hair.  Worked fine except for when I needed to take it off to get a shot of us inside… the beauty shop!  She even offered me a comb.  Haha!)

Ok, so after that interview, I needed to get some video.  Checked that off the list and headed back to the neighborhood.  A few people came out of another house, so I talked with them.  A woman staying with them ended up coming out for an interview.  Hoorah!

Then, as I was shooting my remaining video, a car pulled up to talk to me.  It was a family member of the suspect who has been arrested and faces a preliminary charge of murder.  That family member told me the shooting was in self defense and started explaining.  This person (purposely avoiding saying s/he since they did not want to be identified) initially agreed to be interviewed, then decided against it.  (That, by the way, I completely understand.  Murder investigations are obviously serious and often somewhat tricky situations.)  Then, a couple of other family members came by to talk to me, again off camera.  I was able to use some information from them in my report.

I write all this, just so you get a feel of what sometimes goes into stories!! It's a process, for SURE!!

I ended up going BACK to the Civic Center to try and go to the suspect's court appearance, but that ended up being a bust.  (Starbucks came after that!!)

In the end, I was just thankful I didn't hit too many lights on my way back from the station to New York Ave. for my live shot at 5pm because I didn't have much time to spare!

Just another day in paradise, right?!? :)

Until next time,