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Senator Ford speaks about friendship with President Clinton

Senator Wendell Ford Senator Wendell Ford
President Bill Clinton and Senator Wendell Ford President Bill Clinton and Senator Wendell Ford

In just a few hours, President Bill Clinton will arrive in Owensboro to speak at a fundraiser for the Wendell Ford Government Education Center.

The stories Senator Ford has about working with President Clinton are amazing.

Clinton will be in Owensboro on Wednesday to help raise money for the Ford Education Center, but to Senator Ford, Wednesday is about more than just raising money, it's about reuniting with an old friend.

Even though he's now 89-years-old, when Senator Wendell Ford tells a story no detail is left out. Especially when it comes to stories about spending time with his old pal, Bill Clinton.

"Back then you'd smoke a cigar and enjoy that and he ate too many cheeseburgers," Senator Ford said.

These two friends and former colleagues have a lot of catching up to do Wednesday night. When they're reunited at a fundraiser for the Ford Education Center, a fundraiser that's now sold out.

"We underestimated his drawing ability. We're turning people away now with checks in hand.  We don't have anymore seats," Senator Ford said.

Even though the event involves a dinner, Clinton won't be hanging around to eat. Senator Ford says it's Clinton's policy to speak and run.

"He'll speak and we'll have the meal after he leaves," Senator Ford told 14 News.

Senator Ford worked hand in hand with President Clinton while serving in the US Senate. He was also in charge of both of Clinton's inaugurations. Several items Ford has from those events will be on display Wednesday night, including a note Clinton wrote to Ford's wife, Jean, immediately after being sworn in to office.

"It said this is my first meal after being sworn in as President and this is my first autograph. He gave that to her and the next time, four years later, we were there doing the same thing. He said this is #2, signed Bill Clinton," Senator Ford said.

Ford says Clinton shares his passion for getting younger generations involved in government, which is why Ford says Clinton is more than willing to fly into town to make sure the mission of the Ford Center is carried on for years to come.

"With this fundraiser here, we'll have enough money left top carry it on after old Ford is gone," Senator Ford said.

14 News is told President Clinton will fly in Wednesday, speak at the event at the Riverpark Center and then immediately fly back out. His secret service detail will be with him. 

As of now, there are no plans that Clinton will actually visit the Ford Education Center. But it is, right across the street from the Riverpark Center, so there's always a chance for a surprise visit.

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