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Police warn of 'Green Dot scam'

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An Evansville man is the latest victim in an overseas lottery scheme.

The EPD is calling it a Green Dot scam saying victims are asked to purchase a loadable gift card to pay the lottery processing fees.

Officers say the latest case went further than normal as the man handed over nearly $2,000, and when he stopped sending money, the Evansville man actually received a sum of cash, including a list of people to give the money to.

"The list of names had names and phone numbers, and all the numbers had the same area code, which is a Jamaican area code. A lot of these Green Dot scams originate out of Jamaica," EPD's Sgt. Jason Cullum said. "What people need to realize is we don't have the resources as a local police department to investigate a crime that originated in another country. We will document your case, but we will not be able to investigate it."

The EPD has seen several Green Dot Scams in recent weeks. Sgt. Cullum says if you win any type of contest you didn't enter, it should be a red flag.

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