Cause for Applause

So, I'm going to try to get a bit of an early jump on today's entry.  It's only 2:23pm!  I've got one more interview at 3pm in Newburgh, so we'll see how fast I can type!

I'm not really looking forward to getting back outside at this point.  The last time I was out there to shoot video, it was spitting a little bit.  Since then, apparently we've seen sleet.  Hopefully, it goes away soon (if it hasn't already).  Just when I was thinking how warm it was this morning!!  C'mon spring!!!

The weather may be less than ideal today, but at least my stories were nice and positive.  I started off at Central High School where the athletic secretary/golf coach was surprised with the Cause for Applause Award.  (If you haven't heard of it, it's basically the EVSC's version of Employee of the Month).

Alicia Gooch was the recipient, and she was so humble about it all.  She spoke to a large group of Central's student athletes, telling them she didn't think she deserved the recognition.  But, based on the standing ovation the kids gave her and the hugs afterwards, I'm pretty sure she does!!

My other story today, I just happened to stumble upon.  On my way back from Central I noticed a new sign up near the station along St. Joe Avenue.  Turns out, Crossroads Christian Church (in Newburgh) is expanding.  They're opening a new ministry center on the West Side.  I'm about to go get all the details, but apparently this is just one step in a larger effort they are pursuing to open other locations around Evansville.  As of now, the St. Joe location won't have weekend services, but will be used for weekday activities.  Welcome to the neighborhood!

Ok, I think I've timed it just right to wrap this up and head on out.  Thanks for checking in with me!

Until next time,


P.S.  Just in case I forget to mention it tomorrow, I'm filling in for Beth Thursday morning, so you may not see me on the evening news that day.