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Updated winter storm path and new accumulation forecast for Tri-State

A winter weather advisory is now in effect for southwest Indiana and a few counties in western Kentucky right along the Ohio River.  This advisory is for light snow accumulations…generally around an inch or two…that will stick to roads overnight tonight and early Wednesday morning.  As you can see on the graphic, the winter alerts now extend all the way to the Atlantic coast ahead of the winter storm that is currently dumping 6-10" of snow on Chicago and other locations over northern Indiana.


The snow accumulation models are still painting a heavy swath of 5-10" accumulations across northern Indiana, central Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as Maryland and Virginia.  Storms this time of year have a tendency to drop very heavy, wet snow, so widespread power outages and other travel headaches will occur on Wednesday.


Our local snowfall model is showing heavier amounts will accumulate north of Interstate 64.  You can roughly double the numbers on the graphic to come up with the potential snowfall…this is because we are expecting the snow/water ration to be a little higher than the default values we run with the model.


 The bottom line is that travel impacts will be most likely between midnight and 6 am over southwest Indiana, and perhaps along US 60 and the Audubon Parkway in Western Kentucky.  Temperatures will bounce back into the 40's tomorrow afternoon, so anything we do get will melt fairly quickly.  Temps are on the way to the mid 60's by the weekend. 

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