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So you think you can dance?


You may have heard of Dance Marathon. It's a fundraiser for Riley Children's Hospital. 

A group of student council students in Poseyville are organizing their own Dance Marathon this weekend. We're told more than 50 high schoolers have already signed up.

Students are also hoping the public shows up in support. All ages are invited, but those under 18 years old need a parent to sign a permission slip. A small donation to Riley is required.

Three families from the community that have spent time at Riley Children's Hospital will be at the fundraiser to share their personal stories. There will also be lots of fun activites to keep people on their feet, which is the point of the fundraiser.

"We stand for the kids that can't and all the kids that are sick," says Student Council President Megan Baehl. 

"We are the healthy ones, we are dancing for them, raising money and it's just awesome. The way that everyone comes together and the excitement of the people at Riley. They are happy if you raise five dollars or if they raise $20,000," Baehl added.

The Riley Dance Marathon will be this Friday, March 8th in the North Posey High School gym. It runs from 5 to 9 PM.

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