Low-Carb Craze Starting to Fade


Reporter: Shannon Samson

Web Producer: Amber Griswold

Low-carb sodas and low-carb ice cream are now on the market for diet-conscious shoppers.

But one survey suggests these items may be hitting the shelves too late, as the low-carb craze is starting to fade.

An online research firm shows half of all people who've tried low carb diets have given up on them, leaving only one in ten Americans still eating that way.

Jay Harris of Henderson is in that minority group. But what works for him isn't the answer for his girlfriend, who's created a diet all her own.

Lunch time for Jay Harris and Caroline Meuth is very different these days. Now, it's low carb lasagna made with cabbage instead of noodles. No more drive-thru windows and biggie fries for them. All that careless eating had caught up with them in college.
Caroline said, "This is how I looked almost every day. I would go to class in pajama pants."
Jay Harris commented, "I was starting to max out at the Big and Tall men's store."
Jay decided it was time to make a change in October of last year, after a co-worker had some success with the Atkins diet.
Harris explained, "She lost probably 40 pounds really quickly and I saw how easy it was for her, and I was just driving down the road one day and thought if it was that easy for her, I'll try it."
In a few months, he'd lost 50 pounds and started dating Caroline, who'd also recently cut out rice, pasta and bread, but didn't want to give up fresh fruit.
Meuth said, "Carbohydrates are energy and you need energy to get around or play ball or go walking or exercise, and that's all natural and I think healthy for you, a healthy alternative to the strict Atkins low carb lifestyle."
Her modified diet plan worked. Fifteen months later, she's 123 pounds lighter.
Jay's remained on a strict no carb diet and has lost 149 pounds.
Together, that's 272 pounds, enough for both of them to fit into a pair of Jay's old pants and pose for the local newspaper.
Finding each other is keeping them motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle. Finding the right diet is what started it.

Caroline just needs to lose 17 more pounds to reach her goal of 140 pounds, which will be half of what she used to weigh.

Mark's only got 11 more pounds to go to reach his goal of losing 160 pounds.

Does Jay worry about any health problems associated with a low carb diet?

He said no, he checked out fine at his last doctor's appointment and his blood pressure is even down.

There's no real hard evidence that the diet is harmful, not yet anyway.