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Some tornado sirens will sound in Kentucky this morning

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Emergency officials in Kentucky will conduct a statewide tornado drill to coincide with severe weather awareness month.

In just a few hours, officials will issue a tornado warning test message.

Here's what will happen.

At about 9:07 a.m., central time, the National Weather Service will trigger the drill.

You might hear some outdoor sirens, but that's not supposed to happen in Daviess County.

If you've got a weather alert radio, that will activate during the drill.

TV's and other radios will also broadcast the alert.

While this is taking place, schools, businesses, hospitals, and the public are encouraged to practice their individual tornado safety drills and update their emergency plans.

Daviess County emergency officials have sent out drill forms to some of those places encouraging them to participate.

After that, the forms will be sent back to the Emergency Management Agency before they go to state emergency officials.

Again, the tornado drill will take place just after 9 a.m.

And if you do hear sirens, remember that it's not an emergency.

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