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Emotions run high over McCutchanville firefighter placed on leave

Emotions ran high Monday night as the McCutchanville Fire Department board took heat over a firefighter placed on administrative leave.

On Monday night, the board admits it's not sure how long the firefighter will be off the job.

It was obvious in the meeting that there's a lot of tension within the department.

Members of the board talked publicly about placing one of their own on leave. Firefighters have told us all of this stems from the money discovered missing from the Jeremy Tighe Scholarship Fund. 

Tighe was the firefighter who died one year ago when the fire truck he was a passenger in was involved in an accident. 

14 News is told most of the volunteers refuse to work with one of the firefighters directly involved in the missing money controversy. Because of that the board decided to place him on paid administrative leave.

At the meeting, one woman who says her husband works on the department asked the board how long that firefighter will be out on paid leave while the rest of the firefighters spend hours volunteering their time fighting fires.

"Have you guys talked to the members? Have you heard what the members say? It's tearing this fire department apart," the woman said during the meeting. "It is tearing this fire department apart. There's people that wouldn't even come up to Station 5 because of that.  So, if you bring him back, it's not going away. It's not going away and he's not going away.  The issue has to be addressed."

The board says they don't know how long that firefighter will be on leave. They say they're waiting to see how the criminal investigation goes into the missing money turns out before making a decision. 

14 News also learned that Engine 10, the fire truck involved in that accident, is in New Orleans right now being re-built and will be brought back here and placed back into service. That's expected to happen sometime after May.

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