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For the love of music


Natalie Smith has been a local artist and musician in the Owensboro area for several years. She describes a lot of her artwork as quirky and fun.

"I like that when people see it they laugh and it makes them smile so that makes me happy," said Natalie Smith.

Smith was recently asked to draw a vintage theme poster to promote an upcoming concert in Owensboro to support local musicians in the area.

"I picked a lot of blues to represent the river and I put musical instruments in his beard like a banjo and guitar because it fits this area," said Smith.

Rosemary Conder, owner of the Creme Coffee House decided to end open mic night at her business after performance licensing companies told her she had to pay licensing fees. She says her customers were upset.

"We just had an outpouring of outrage. We needed a venue to play live music and express their art," said Rosemary Conder, owner of Creme Coffee House.

Conder paid the $1,200 licensing fees and created and helped plan a mini musical festival in downtown Owensboro called the Love of Music for local musicians to perform all over downtown.

"We're hoping this will be a common occurrence where you will just walk down the street and see sitting on the sidewalk someone playing their guitar," said Conder.

Ten bands have been scheduled to play at the Love of Music. The event will be this Saturday in downtown Owensboro from from 11am to 9pm.

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