Taking A Stand: War on Hunger

Recently the Indiana House approved a Bill that would require State Welfare recipients to pass a drug test before that person would receive benefits.

I did a "Taking a Stand" saying I thought it was basically a good idea, and received the following response from a viewer; Mindy in Evansville.  

She says she liked the segment, but wonders, "Where are the kids going to get their food after their parents fail the drug test?" She says even though she's 100 percent behind the drug free assistance program, she doesn't want to see any children starve because of mistakes their parents make.

I want to say, Mindy, we basically agree with each other that the children shouldn't be punished. However, I'm not sure children of drug addicts are actually getting any of the benefits and I don't see how enabling drug addicted welfare recipients helps the children in those homes. But helping parents get off drugs, just might.

One more way to help, join the Salvation Army's War on Hunger on April 19th. Last year they provided 51,000 meals, and over 19,000 benefited from their emergency food pantry.

That's my stand.

There is a way you, your family, and friends can help buy a skid of food that will be used in Evansville to help feed hungry families. For more information on how to help, call 812-425-1375.