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Woman accused of stealing from area hotels speaks to 14 News

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Linda Meredith tells her side of the story to 14 News. Linda Meredith tells her side of the story to 14 News.

A Henderson woman is behind bars Monday night for the fourth time in 11 days.

Two of those arrests came after police say 57-year-old Linda Meredith stole hundreds of dollars worth of items from two Evansville hotels.

Evansville police first alerted 14 News about Linda Meredith last week after she was arrested at the Casino Aztar Hotel. Then, another arrest over the weekend at a different hotel.

But what police say and what Meredith tells 14 News are two very different stories.

Monday morning from the Henderson County Detention Center, Meredith answered questions about her recent arrests at Evansville hotels.

First at Casino Aztar last Thursday.

"Well, I went down there to play, which I lost, of course. Then I stopped by and got some souvenirs to take to Oklahoma with me, and then the police came to my room and said I stole 'em," Meredith said.

Meredith said she bought two T-shirts for a total of $40 and showed her receipt to police.

Authorities on the other hand say she stole $1,200 worth of items from the hotel gift shop and used a Visa gift card with a balance of just five cents to charge items to her room.

Then on Saturday, the 57-year-old was arrested once again, this time at the Clarion Inn on Highway 41.

Authorities claim she stole almost $1,000 worth of merchandise from the room, some plates and silverware

"How would I get some plates? No. I never even went in there. I didn't even go in the room," Meredith said.

According to police, among the missing items from Meredith's room- all of the towels and wash cloths, a coffee maker, and the ice bucket. Candles, glasses, coffee mugs, and even the soap dish.

When asked if Meredith has a problem with stealing, she said, "No. I've never stole nothing in my life. Never."

14 News asked her, why would the police make all that up, and she said, "I don't know, unless they looking for somebody else."

Police, however, seem confident they've got the right woman.

The Director of Operations at the Clarion Inn credits staff for noticing the missing items.

Though both hotel-related arrests happened in Evansville, Meredith was in the Henderson Jail for criminal trespassing. She was arrested in Henderson County on Sunday.

Authorities there say Meredith was in jail again about 11 days ago as well for shoplifting at a local convenience store and for writing bad checks.

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