Jailhouse Interview...

Well, well, well.  Today was a day of firsts!  Ok, really, just one first, but a big one, so to speak.  After three tv jobs, I can finally say I've conducted a jailhouse interview!  No, it wasn't very dramatic.  No, the person did not have a violent history (which, I guess, is good).  No, we did not do the interview via phones behind plexiglass (thank goodness, think of all the germs!!).  It was in an office at the Henderson County Detention Center.  The woman I interviewed, arrested twice in the past few days for stealing from Evansville hotels, was very nice.  I appreciated her willingness to tell her side of the story, and do it without threatening me or the jailers in any way.  Whatever happens, hopefully she will get any help she may need.

On the other side of the spectrum, my other story today involved a bar.  A jail and a bar, what a combo!  I was shooting some video of the Casino Aztar hotel for the jail story, when I noticed a sign about an auction about to happen at Fast Eddy's (bar/restaurant next door to Aztar that closed last summer).  I went in and luckily the auction company was there so I was able to get some video and a soundbite with one of the auctioneers.

I'm pretty sure I was only at Fast Eddy's once when it was open, but let me tell you… they have some STUFF in there!!  Random stuff!  I mean, you have your typical bar décor, like neon and mirrored signs, but then there are also things like a giant shoe that apparently came from Shoe Carnival and a life-sized Elvis statue!  They're even selling the liquor left in there.  It's an online only auction that begins March 26.  Hmm, I'd like to see what some of that stuff ends up going for!

OK, well… that's my Monday!  Hope yours was a good one.

Until next time,