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YWCA hoping donations counteract budget cuts

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The Evansville YWCA operates on about $390,000 in federal funding. And with a projected 5% cut, officials are preparing for what will have to be cut on their end.  

Last year the YWCA provided shelter for more than 400 women and children through three different programs. One of those programs, the Domestic Violence Shelter, provided counseling and legal advice to more than 350 women.

The sequester cuts are expected to eliminate support services for 500 women across Indiana. YWCA officials are doing everything they can to avoid denying services, but say it's a possibility.  

"Obviously the worst case scenario would be having to turn away a woman and her child for services. We're going to look at other things first, potentially putting off a maintenance project or really going bare bones on supplies or anything we can to avoid that," CEO Erika Taylor said.

The YWCA says it hopes to make up nearly $20,000 in cuts through private donations and community outreach.  

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