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O'boro makes last minute preps for Clinton

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It's crunch time in Owensboro as officials and residents get ready for former President Bill Clinton's visit later this week. That means making sure the city's ready for its close up. 

With just one full day left before the big event, the staff here at the Riverpark Center is busier than ever making sure everything looks its best.

That means cleaning and painting areas where the president will be Wednesday night.

The staff even had a clean-up day recently to get the building ready for Clinton's speech and dinner.

Because tickets for the dinner sold so well, Riverpark staff say that the stage had to be extended to accommodate all of those people.

To do that, seats in the front of Cannon Hall were taken out for the event.

Executive Director Roxi Witt says that even though several celebrities have come here, they don't come close to a former president.

"We're honored to be hosting this event on behalf of the Ford Education Center, and it's our goal to make this a special event, not just for President Bill Clinton, but for Senator Wendell Ford," said Witt. 

Tickets for balcony seats for the event will be available until noon Wednesday. To get yours, click here.  Copyright 2013 WFIE. All rights reserved.

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