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Bees becoming less common

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Local beekeepers say the fuzzy 'American Bumblebee' you see buzzing around in the summer is becoming less common, especially in the Midwest.

A new study in the journal "Science" reminds us just how important those bees are in nature.

According to the two new studies, wild bees are very important in helping pollinate farmers' crops and many of the fruits and vegetables we eat.

One beekeeper tells 14News he's just not seeing very many of those bees flying around.

"In my vegetable garden at home, a lot of times you know, you'll see a lot of bumblebees," says Larry Stone, President of the Audubon Beekeepers Association. "Now, you don't see very many. You know, used to, it'd be bumblebees everywhere. Now, there's not hardly any."

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