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Flu vaccine has lackluster success rate


For months, Doctors urged everyone to get their flu shots, but now the CDC says it wasn't very effective.

The CDC says this year's vaccine was only about 56% effective in preventing the flu, and only 9% effective for those 65 and older.

According to the Indiana Department of Health, 61 people died from the flu in Indiana, the majority being senior citizens.

Many people listened to warnings and got their flu shot only to realize they weren't really protected.

One Newburgh mother and her young son both caught the illness after getting their shots early in October.

"We've been sick with the flu three times and what I'm really frustrated about is that my son has to go through the pain of getting the shot and it's still not working for him, it's still making him sick, he's still missing school, I'm missing work because of it," says the Newburgh mother. 

She says she's still under the weather and won't bother getting the shot next year because the vaccine didn't protect her family this year.

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