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Owensboro Fire Department needs new equipment


Andrew Behl has been an Owensboro firefighter for more than a year now. He says firefighters are called out on a lot of false alarms, but when it's a real run his pulse races.

"It's a really big adrenaline rush when you hear it's a big structure fire. Whenever you get multiple calls saying it's a structure fire you kind of get really amped up and you kind of make sure your equipment is ready to go," he told 14 News.

The Owensboro Fire Department's breathing apparatuses are becoming outdated and will not meet required standards by next year. The fire department is applying for a $315,000 federal grant through the assistance to firefighters grant program to replace all the breathing apparatuses.

"With new standards, the face piece for the air packs would be a 500 degree temperature. The ones we have right now will degrade at 250 degrees," said Battalion Chief Steve Leonard.

The current breathing apparatuses the department uses were last updated more than ten years ago. The fire department says upgrading fire equipment and their breathing apparatuses would make fighting fires a lot safer.  "If you ever see smoke bank down to the floor you just can't breath in it. Your breathing apparatus is the only thing that is going to keep you from taking ten steps in and having to come back out," said Behl.

If the Owensboro Fire Department gets the grant, the city of Owensboro will match 20 percent of the grant or $63,000.

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