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EPD hosts violence and response event

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There's now a new course for law enforcement, school and business professionals to deal with incidents of mass violence.

It's being offered at the Southwest Indiana Career and Technical Center in Evansville.

It's an all-day two-day training taking place in late April.

Evansville Police say a lot of times they do training on their own, businesses and schools may do things on their own relating to the issue of the workplace violence, but this is a chance to get everyone together.

Police say training isn't just for the worst-case scenario like someone opening fire or bringing a weapon to an office.

They tell 14News it's also meant to address things like threats perhaps a situation where someone who won't leave after being fired.

Police are hoping if a business or school doesn't have a written plan of what to do in a situation involving workplace violence.

After going to the training, they'll put on together and make sure employees know what needs to be done in those situations.

"If we show up at a business that has prepared like that, it is a lot easier for us to deal with a facility that has some type of controlled environment," says Sgt. Jason Collum with the Evansville Police Department. "There's always going to be confusion, but it's never going to go exactly the way you want, but it's a lot better to go into a facility that has a plan than one where it's just chaos and peple are running into every which way and you have no idea what these folks are doing, they have no idea what they're doing. That's  a lot to overcome when you're looking for a threat."

The training is April 29 and 30 and is not limited to those just in Evansville.

If you would like to know more about this, please visit the Evansville Police Department's Facebook page.

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