House of Representatives called it a weekend regarding sequester

Members of the House of Representatives have called it a weekend as the clocks grind towards a Friday deadline for massive across-the-board spending cuts.

The House adjourned just afternoon Thursday and members streamed out of the capitol.

They're not scheduled to return until Monday.

In Washington, the finger pointing continued with democrats and republicans both blaming each other.

Republicans say the White House is fixated on tax hikes, while Democrats say a reduction in tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthy and corporations must be part of the deal.

"You're talking about how much," says Rep. John Boehner. "You're asking a question, 'how much more money do we want to steal from American people to fund more government?' I'm for no more."

"The republicans want the sequester to go forward," says Sen. Harry Reid. "They want the sequester to go forward. They've also said so. And they - any efforts to get a reasonable approach to this they...won't let us do it."

President Obama is set to meet with Congressional leaders tomorrow, but no one expects any last minute deals.

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