Spending the Day in IL

It's currently 9:26pm.  I'm sitting in the back of our satellite truck waiting to go on live from Harrisburg, IL at 10pm.  I came in to work today at 6:15am.  Sooo… it's been a bit of a long day!  But, a good day.  I'm proud of my special report airing here soon.  It's one of the longest, if not THE longest, stories I've ever put together… about 5 ½ minutes!  In tv time, that is an ETERNITY!!!  Usually we are asked to keep our daily stories around the 1:20-1:30 mark.  Even special reports are usually only 2 ½ to 4 minutes long, so this one is a doozie!!!

One big bonus of tonight is that star photographer/assignment manager Randy Capehart and I got to sit down and eat a REAL DINNER!!!  We went to Morello's, a great place in Harrisburg.  We feasted on some yummy pizza (and I wolfed down an Italian salad, too!)  Great recommendation, lovely people at Southeastern Illinois College!

We were at SIC a little earlier this evening covering a candlelight vigil remembering those killed by the tornado last year.  Several dozen people came to show their support.  Mayor Eric Gregg from Harrisburg and Mayor Becky Mitchell from Ridgway both reflected on the morning that changed their communities forever.  One thing both will tell you, their towns have come a long way.  Many things have been repaired or rebuilt in both communities, so HOORAY for that!!!

No pictures tonight since I'm not at my desk, but I do hope you'll check out my special report, "Healing in Harrisburg".  It airs at 10pm tonight (Wednesday), which will likely be about the time this blog entry is posted to the web.  So if you miss it, visit 14news.com and watch!

Until next time,