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Tri-State Stuck in Spin Cycle

The Tri-State is caught in the "spin cycle" from the low pressure system that brought wintry weather to the Great Lakes and plains yesterday.  As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, this type of low pressure can be very stubborn in moving on, and as a result, we get stuck with many days of clouds, showers and cold temps.

You can see the satellite & radar graphic shows plenty of cloud cover and rain/snow upwind (northwest) of the Tri-State. 


 In looking at today's surface wind charts, you can see that we'll be stuck in a cold northerly flow through at least Friday.  Normal highs for this time of year usually run around 50-degrees, so we'll stay about 10-15 degrees below the average temps through the first half of the weekend.


This temperature graphic is called a meteogram and shows the daily spread from high to low.  Again, notice the small range between the high and low.  Clouds and persistent northwest winds tend to keep the high and low temps relatively close together. 


If there is any silver lining in all these clouds, it is the lack of snowfall over the Tri-State.  Also, we're just 22 days from the astronomical start of spring on March 20th.  On this date, the sun will be directly over the equator.  You'll notice that the sun is directly in front of you as you drive on east-to-west oriented roads…especially near sunrise and sunset.  We are adding about 2 minutes of daylight each day as the sun rises a little earlier and sets a little later.

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