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O'boro clears the way for Clinton


There's only a week left before Owensboro welcomes a special guest, former President Bill Clinton.

He'll be attending a fundraiser for the Wendell H. Ford Government Education Center.

Clinton will speak at the Riverpark Center in Owensboro where staff members are already busy preparing for his visit, but they're not the only ones.

As Moonlite Bar-b-q in Owensboro prepares to cater the dinner portion of next week's event, Jeanie Heath says the restaurant is even busier than usual.

"It keeps growing by the minute," said Heath. "I get a phone call or two every day saying we're up 20 more, or we're up 50 more."

Her uncle, owner Ken Bosley, remembers Clinton's past visit to Moonlite about 13 years ago.

"Myself and my wife and my dad actually rode in the motorcade from the school over to here, and believe it or not, you get excited about it," said Bosley. "I don't know why, you end up just...the emotion is there."

Right now, Moonlite staff is taste-testing, checking recipes, and performing food safety inspections for the dinner.

Tickets are completely sold out, but some balcony seats will now be available.

Clay Ford, former Senator Wendell Ford's grandson, explains that it's something the family didn't expect.

"We've been flattered and honored by the response that we've received, and it's been from this community and from around the state and from other places as well, but my grandfather, my granddad is just...is shocked to say the least," said Ford.

So what happens if Clinton dines and dashes?

"If the president doesn't stay for dinner, we want to have a to-go box for him," said Heath.

If you'd still like to purchase one of those balcony seats click here for more information.

The box office will also be open this weekend for anyone who'd like to buy a balcony ticket. 

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