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Three arrested accused of doing donuts while doing drugs

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Three people were arrested this morning in Posey County.

It all started at Rocky Falls RV Park when sheriff's deputies say three individuals were caught driving off road, tearing up the property, and offering drugs to people staying at the park.

After park managers called police, the threesome headed west towards Posey County before they were stopped by deputies.

Once in custody, police found narcotics inside the truck, including oxycodon, marijuana, materials used to make methamphetamines, and also a firearm.

A manager with the RV park tells us they caused quite a ruckus. 

"My grandson called me and told me he was up stuck up on top of the hill there," said Lowell Thurman, manager, Rocky Falls RV Park. "We went up there and I asked him what he was doing on the property. He wouldn't give me an answer, said Thurman. "He dug a trench up there about three foot deep. Sounded like he had the pedal to the floor trying to get out of there and when I told him there was about $2,000 dollars worth of damage...he took off," said Thurman.

The three individuals arrested are also persons of interest in a crime in Vanderburgh County according to the Posey County Sheriffs Department.

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