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Law enforcement continuing to look into school gun scare

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School and law enforcement officials are continuing to look into Monday's gun scare at Evansville Day School.

Things seems to be back to normal at the school. 14 News walked the hallways earlier on Tuesday with Neil Saunders, the interim head of school, and as usual, teachers were teaching and students were learning.

Despite the scene on Monday, Saunders says attendance on Tuesday was normal. The school did sit down with students in the morning just to dispel any rumors that may have started.

At this point, EPD is investigating who made the initial call. They're exploring all possibilities, as it could have come from outside or inside the building.

"Should it be found out that a student from Evansville Day School made that phone call, he or she will be dealt with in the strictest of terms. Yes, we take it very seriously. It's not a prank call. I hope it wasn't somebody from our school, but if it was they will be dealt with accordingly," Saunders said.

Again, the initial tip that someone may have been in the school with a gun was placed to the day school receptionist, not 911. Police say that has complicated things a bit.

But, they're still working on tracing that call.

We'll keep you updated as new information is released.

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