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Healing in Harrisburg

Just wrapping up a long day of writing and editing!  It was very nice to be in a lovely, climate-controlled environment for 8-plus hours, but now I'm looking forward to a little break from my computer screen!

My special report airing tomorrow is about the one-year anniversary of the deadly Harrisburg tornado.  I spent yesterday in Harrisburg touring the city and speaking with survivors.  Some of the stories are pretty incredible.  For example, one couple I talked to was thrown from their home into a field across the street.  They survived (I guess you figured that since I said I talked to them), but three neighbors on either side of them did not.  You'll hear from them about what they call "survivors' remorse" and why they decided to move back into the same duplex they lived in when the tornado came through.

One other amazing thing going on in Harrisburg right now has to do with the boy's basketball team.  I won't give my whole story away, but I hope you'll stay up to see it at 10pm tomorrow (Weds.)!  If not, it will be posted online by the following day!

They really have done some serious rebuilding in Harrisburg, and Mayor Eric Gregg could NOT have been more generous with his time in showing me around.  I sincerely hope this small city of about 9500 is able to come back better than before the tornado hit.

I'll be working a very long day tomorrow to finish this story up and put together another one, so I'm going to sign off.  "Healing in Harrisburg"—tomorrow on 14 News at 10!

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