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Grant money available for local agencies that fight substance abuse

A state program called the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy or "Kentucky ASAP" has helped several local Henderson agencies start up anti-drug abuse programs in the past decade.

The program just received about $12,000 and is waiting on organizations who need mini-grants to apply.

 "We were off the ground and running, but we didn't have enough money to continue it," said Bob Mitchell, Involvement Inc.

Mitchell is the executive director of Involvement Inc.

He says without the Kentucky ASAP grant money they received in 2002, one of his non-profit's programs, which pays for the drug tests of juveniles in court, wouldn't be around today.

"If a juvenile has a problem with drug usage, the fact that they end up as an addict as an adult and in rehab or jail or prison," said Mitchell. "If we can keep them clean for six months, I've seen some real changes in people's behavior as a result."

Mitchell says the number of people using the program has dramatically increased.

When the program started 2002, they tested 40 juveniles, last year they tested 247.

"So that was really their startup money," said Shawna Evans, KY ASAP.

Evans, a guidance counselor at Henderson County High School, is also on the board of Kentucky ASAP.

She says just as ASAP first helped involvement ten years ago, now they want to help more.

"3 to 4 thousand dollars. Hopefully we'll be able to get at least 3 to 4 different agencies in there," said Evans.

The money can only go to Henderson agencies who work with alcohol or drug prevention, treatment or law enforcement programs.

If you want to apply for the grant, contact Shawna Evans, Henderson County High School 2424 Zion Road Henderson, KY 42420, 270-831-8867, or

Agencies have until April 1 to apply. 

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