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Casino Aztar officially announces name change to "Tropicana Evansville"

Casino Aztar officially announced Tuesday morning they will be changing their name to Tropicana Evansville.

It's part of a rebranding that will include a new look both inside and outside the casino.

Casino officials showed off the proposed look at a meeting Tuesday morning. 

Casino officials and designers proudly showed off images of what they hope will bring a more modern look to riverside drive.

"This signage will clearly help generate much more excitement to guests who come to our property especially guests who aren't from Evansville," said Ward Shaw, General Manager.

Many wonder how changing the name from Casino Aztar to Tropicana Evansville will help.

Emily Mieure: "What's the main goal of this rebranding?"

Ward: "A couple things. One, it's to re-package all of the improvements we've been able to make over the last few years. Secondly, to help communicate that we're part of a bigger company. Tropicana is much more of a brand recognized name in the gaming industry so I think for those who are considering coming here, they'll recognize that and say hey maybe we'll go check that out vs. Trying to figure out what Casino Aztar is."

The signs are a mix of the Tropicana Entertainment branding and new designs. Under the proposal, 17 Casino Aztar signs will come down. 8 new signs will go up. They say they don't want the look to be "busy." They want the new signs to pop.

"We want our customers as they're getting close to say wow, there's something going on down here," said Ward. "There's a lot of things taking place and this is a good place to go have some fun."

"It's a nice area with lots of events to go to with the river walk," said Kevin Talley, Evansville Resident. "It's a fantastic area. I think anything they do to make it nicer is good."

The Design Committee voted to approve the signage.

Next, the proposal will go to the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and then the Zoning Board.

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