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14 News Special Report: Severe Weather Blueprint

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While the odds that a tornado will strike any particular house are extremely low, try telling that some in Newburgh.  

The community has been hit by twisters at least three times in the last 10 years, including the deadly November 6 tornado, and by a smaller tornado just a year ago Tuesday, on Leap Day. 

In both cases, there were injuries but no fatalities, probably because residents took shelter in their safe spots.

Do you know the safest spot in your house?

A couple of weeks ago, 14 News asked you to share pictures of your safe spots on our 14 First Alert Weather Blog.

When Robin Lawrence told her story, we thought we could all learn something about being prepared when the tornado sirens sound.

Tornadoes are an unfortunate branch on Robin Lawrence's family tree.

"This video is from the Palm Sunday tornadoes that happened on April 11,1965. My grandfather, Joseph Talentinto was killed in those tornadoes," Lawrence told 14 News.

Since that time, Lawrence's house has been in the path of two tornadoes, seven years apart and just a few blocks from each other.

Last year's Leap Day tornado skipped through her neighborhood, causing major damage to many homes on her street. As the tornado approached that morning, Lawrence put her plan into action.

"Turned on and saw you giving the play by play and knew I had to take cover," Lawrence said.

She grabbed a blanket and headed to a closet and rode out the storm's 90 mph winds that tore up several homes on her street, not knowing if her house would be next.

"I have wondered and worried what is the safest place. I've thought it's in the middle of the house away from all windows. This has to be a safe place. You tell me. Is this the safest place?" Lawrence asked.

She chose an interior closet in the middle of the house, so that's step one. 

Step two, she's got head protection and she was using a blanket to wrap around for additional protection for.

When Lawrence is on the floor, she has mats below, and coats in the closet provide additional protection. She would have the door closed for an additional layer of protection. 

Remember, your goal when finding the safe spot in your house is to get as many walls between you and the outside as possible.

There's one wall, another wall down the hallway, a bulkhead, then a bathroom. There is a window behind a curtain, but with the door closed she has four walls between her and the outside.

It's the optimal spot in that particular house to be safe from a tornado, so Lawrence did a good job in picking the spot.

For more information on how to choose the best spot in your house, click here. We'll show you different floor plans and let you test your knowledge of the safest spots to be when tornadoes hit.

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