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Concerned parents gathered together during school lockdown

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A threatening phone call forced a lock down of students and staff at Evansville Day School Monday morning.

Dozens of officers swarmed the school, searching for what they were told was a person with a gun.

While the students were on lockdown inside, parents gathered around waiting for more information.

After the lockdown was lifted, many made their way over to the school to pick up their kids.

What Lori Sieboldt heard Monday morning, a lockdown at Evansville Day School, just didn't seem real.

"That it can't be happening. That this isn't possible," Sieboldt said.

After more than an hour in lockdown mode, Sieboldt, like many other parents, picked up her two kids that go to Day School.

"Obviously it is possible and fortunately our school had just practiced a lockdown drill last week for the kids and I think everybody knew what to do and handled it really well. I'm just happy it was not real," Seibolt said.

Lori says parents were texting each other, and in some cases, they were also texting with their kids inside the building.

"Well we had been texting each other, so I knew that he was okay," parent Heather Frederick said.

"I was basically texting her through the whole time, telling her what we were doing and seeing if she knew anything," Frederick's son, Austin Garrison said.

Frederick told 14 News that even though she was in contact with him, that moment when she finally got to him was an emotional one.

"With all the things that have gone on across the states, it's just scary. I mean your heart sinks when you think something could happen to your kid," Frederick said.

Those recent events, like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School, are in the forefront of many parents minds, even here in the Tri-State.

"We just need to all come together and stop this kind of violence happening in our society. We should not have to worry about sending our children to school," parent Valerie Tilmon said.

While parents were certainly concerned about their kids safety on Monday, all of ones 14 News spoke with did say they were happy with how the school handled the situation.

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