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Busy news day

Boy-- did this Monday come in with some oomph!!  Lots of news to go around, and I managed to miss pretty much all of it!  I'm working on another special report over the next few days that will air Wednesday, so I was out of town all day.  Judging by email though, it was a pretty busy day for my co-workers around the Tri-State!

I know there were some scary moments (maybe longer than moments) this morning as dozens of police cars arrived at Evansville Day School.  Since I've been gone, I'm still not exactly sure what happened, just that everyone is safe after some kind of possible threat.  Thankful for that!!!

Then there was a bank robbery near UE that put the school on lockdown.  All of that, I believe, was happening around the same time.  Too much crime for a Monday, or for ANY day!  I'm hopeful that tomorrow will bring a little more good news along with it!

Sorry I don't have much else to share.  My special report I was working on today is still top secret for the time being, so more soon. :)

Until next time,


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