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Is your tornado safe spot really safe ?

I've been working on a special report that will air tonight on 14 News at 10 called "Blueprint for Severe Weather".  Basically, I'll introduce you to a Newburgh woman who will show us her severe weather safe spot and we'll figure out whether or not it is her best place to shelter from a tornado.  Robin Lawrence has an interesting personal story regarding tornadoes, and I think you'll be surprised at what I discovered when I met with her.

The other thing that I'll focus on tonight is how to determine the safest place in your house when a tornado warning is issued.  We often will say "go to a basement or windowless interior room", but there are safer places in the basement and particular windowless rooms that afford more security than others.

Take this typical floor plan for a single story home:

You've probably already spotted a couple of closets without windows, but I put the red dot on the safest closet.  Why is this location safer ?  Because it is the interior-most spot.  You don't want a closet with an exterior wall if you can help it.  Also, the room I chose is the smallest (smaller is better).  It puts 2 walls between you and the outside, which is the most you can achieve in this layout, staying away from windows.


Here's another floor plan:


See if you agree with my safest locations (red dots).  Remember, when choosing your family's safe spot, you want to be as far from windows as possible, place as many walls between yourself and the outside as possible and also in the most compact area you can find.

I'll have more interesting information on locating your safe spot tonight on 14News at 10 on "Blueprint for Severe Weather"….I hope you'll be able to watch !


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