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What the Sequester would mean for Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois

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President Barack Obama says Congress can keep across-the-board cuts from taking effect with "just a little bit of compromise."

Speaking to the nation's governors, Obama says the impact of the budget cuts may not be felt immediately. But he says the uncertainty created by the cuts is already having an effect on the economy.

The White House has warned the cuts could affect everything from commercial flights to classrooms to meat inspections. 

Here's what they say those cuts would look like in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

INDIANA: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/sequester-factsheets/indiana.pdf

KENTUCKY: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/sequester-factsheets/Kentucky.pdf

ILLINOIS: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/sequester-factsheets/Illinois.pdf

The president says Monday that the longer the cuts are in place, the deeper the impact will be on the economy. Vice President Joe Biden told the governors that they're more disciplined than Congress and chided Washington lawmakers for blocking a solution. He says everyone agrees the so-called sequester should be addressed.

Unless Congress acts, $85 billion in cuts will go into effect Friday.

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