Playground of Evansville non-profit is the victim of weekend vandalism

The first thing Angie Richards Cooley, Executive Director of the Ark Crisis Child Care Center, saw Monday morning when she walked, was a playground torn apart.

"I was so disappointed to see the damage we'd had. All the toys had been taken apart or thrown into the sandbox. It was just a heap, a mess," she says.

Employees have already cleaned up most of it, but when they got here, trash littered the play area, pots and pans were on the fence. The only thing missing was graffiti, which could've been easily washed off.

"Graffiti would have been actually a little easier to bare, because it wouldn't have affected the kids. But when you destroy the toys and all that they have to play with on a playground that makes a big difference in how they're able to play," says Richards Cooley.

With most of the toys broken, employees have closed off the sandbox.

Kids are making the most of it, but it's no fun for 4-year-old Cayla, who says "I would cry and they gonna take all my toys away."

With spring coming, kids will be outside more often, Richards Cooley is calling out to the community.

"We would love if anyone is able to donate play toys, balls,  jump ropes, sandbox toys, an outdoor kitchen, any of those sorts of things our kids could use. It would just give them something to do when they're on the playground as opposed to just standing around looking at the concrete," she says.

If you would like to donate. Just call the Ark Crisis Center at 812-423-9425.