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Authorities looking for man who said he was being kidnapped

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Tri-State authorities are trying to find a man who told a gas station clerk that he was being kidnapped.

Authorities say that man slipped a note to the clerk, and right now, Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Deputies are looking for him.

Police and deputies say that man slipped a note to the clerk at Casey's on north St. Joseph Avenue, claiming he had indeed been kidnapped and needed help.

Sergeant Matt Schnell of the sheriff's office says this happened at 9:10 Sunday morning.

Schnell says the man who handed the clerk the note is between 40 and 50 years old, balding, wearing a tan-colored coat, white-collared shirt, and blue jeans.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect had a blonde woman with him in the store, and Schnell says another man was waiting for the two in their grey GMC Envoy.

Schnell also says they have reason to believe this was a prank based on the demeanor of the two in the store.

"While he was in the store, he was speaking with the female and showed her the note, what we believe was the note he wrote out, while he was in the store. Both of them laughed, then went up and proceeded to pay for his own coffee and food that he had, along with food for the female and presumably the other male in the car. They all walked out at separate times and got in the vehicle," Schnell said.

Even though this may be a prank, police and deputies still want any information you may have about this situation. If you feel you can help, contact law enforcement.

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