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City officials meet downtown to discuss lighting in historic district

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The Old Evansville Historic Association is making plans for some new and improved lighting in the historic district

Saturday, city officials met with downtown residents to discuss future plans for that project.

Many of the residents that met downtown at the First Presbyterian Church voiced their ideas and concerns about the lighting project.

The Department of Metropolitan Development as well as other city officials were at today's meeting for a short presentation and to answer questions from residents.

The Old Evansville Historic Association or "OEHA" Present Pam Guthrie tells 14News the DMD funded the feasibility study for phase one of the project.

She says the plan is to start installing 12-ft. historic light posts.

Guthrie says so far, the OEHA lighting committee has raised almost $60,000 for the lights.

A couple residents voiced concerns wondering if their streets would benefit from the project.

Guthrie says the committee is working hard to make the entire area brighter.

"It has to start somewhere," says Guthrie. "It's kind of like the Greenway project. It's going to be an on-going project for us and everybody will be able to enjoy it but it has to start somewhere. We obviously can't afford to do the entire district at the same time."

To find out more about donating the project click here.

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