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Downtown Evansville getting 100 new apartment units

Work is expected to start soon on nearly 100 apartments in downtown Evansville.

Those apartments are going in at the McCurdy building.

The Kunkel group says they just have one last hurdle.

Ben Kunkel says their lenders are waiting on some guaranteed funding from HUD.

He says the Kunkel group hopes to meet with them some time next week, but it's luxury apartments that are slated to go in at the McCurdy building and of course that's in downtown Evansville.

There will be just under 100 units available and Kunkel is calling it the McCurdy Apartments just because it is such an iconic building in the Evansville Area.

"Probably the most striking space is the lobby," says Ben Kunkel. "Twenty-five foot ceilings and it's got all the ornate plaster work. It's just beautiful. And our plan is to turn that into a banquet hall, where people can rent that out and have wedding receptions, corporate events and have catering. And actually, we are going to have a small, open-to-the-public restaurant as well."

Once construction gets started, it'll take about 12 months to complete the project, but Kunkel says units could be ready as soon as late summer, early fall because they'll probably open up the rooms as they're ready.

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