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Jacobsville looking for ideas to help rebuild neighborhood

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A 14News update on efforts to revitalize the Jacobsville neighborhood in Evansville.

The organization "Jacobsville Join In" formed a few months ago.

This week, the group released results of interviews with residents about what they see as strengths and weaknesses of the neighborhood.

As well as what they'd to see done in the future.

Many mentioned crime and safety issues, notable drug use.

"I believe that this is really going to be a success for the neighborhood because we are really listening to the residents," says Jennifer Mason, a community mobilizer with "Jacobsville Join In." "We want them to have a stake in this plan. We want their ideas and we want them to be the ones that actually plan the process and to help implement it. Without them, we really can't do anything."

Residents have a chance to speak out tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to noon in the garden room of Central United Methodist Church.

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