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(Short) Road Trip!

Yay!!  Spent most of the day either in the car or inside today.  Both ways I HAD HEAT!!  (Although the weather was mild compared to yesterday!)

I took a little road trip up to Jasper for a story about their 911 Center Director being suspended over a failure of storm sirens to sound during a recent tornado warning.  (They've now got the issue figured out.) 

I must say, I really like Jasper.  At least, I like the little I know of it.  For one, there's the Schnitzelbank, which I have written about before.  I saw a billboard and briefly thought about going there until I realized I didn't have any money, and it's a Friday in Lent.  That famous pretzel bratwurst sandwich wouldn't work out so well for this Catholic reporter today!!  Ha!

The square area (ok, really, it's a circle, but you know what I mean) downtown is really cute.  I always wish I had time to go into the chocolate shop and the cute little clothing and gift shop place, but it hasn't happened yet!

Anyway, everything was pretty standard with the story today, nothing too exciting or noteworthy to write about.  And hey, sometimes, especially on Fridays, I'm ok with that.  I will go on the record and say the County Commissioner I interviewed was very nice, which I appreciated.  Nice people make me VERY HAPPY!!

On that note, have a wonderful weekend!!

Until next time,


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