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Dubois Co. 911 director suspended

The Director of Dubois County's 911 Center will be suspended for one week without pay because of a recent issue with storm sirens.

Those sirens didn't go off last month when the county was under a tornado warning.

The Dubois County Commissioners made that decision Thursday and there was a lot of time put into figuring out what happened and how to handle it.

The suspension won't happen for a few weeks yet.  The commissioners say that's because they wanted the 911 center to have time to schedule around it.

This all dates back to January 30 when sirens did not go off in Dubois County even though there was a tornado warning in effect.

County Commissioner Doug Uebehlor says after investigating, they found out this wasn't an equipment failure, but rather had to do with procedure.

He says steps explaining what to do when that tornado warning was issued weren't in the step by step procedures dispatchers follow.

And because of that missing step, they decided to suspend 911 Director Janice Love for one week without pay.

"It took a little bit of thought because it was the first time that we were actually reprimanding that department head, and we wanted to make sure that it was an appropriate action, an appropriate response to the situation," says Uebehlor. "We didn't want to overly reprimand her for this incident."

The suspension will take place March 11-15.

Commissioner Uebelhor says the problem at the 911 center that led to the sirens not going off has been corrected.

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